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Kanabea Hospital

Solar LED lights were installed in all wards and in the walkway. Also a deep cycle battery and generator were brought and installed. Major plumbing repairs have been done. A range of medical equipment was made available, including a fetal doppler, weighing scales, soap dispensers with soap for all wards,

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Update: April 2018

A meeting was held with UNICEF PNG to discuss the research findings of poor overall malnutrition status of Kamea women and children and poor Iodine nutrition status. UNICEF PNG has decided to fund an intervention with micronutrient supplementation in Kotidanga area.

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Update: March-April 2018

John Ward, CEO, and dr Jan Zomerdijk, GP and Janny Goris, Public Health Dietitian, visit Kotidanga area for a few weeks. Medical services and education were provided, as well as follow-up research in area of iodine deficiency and iodisation of salt. This research has been done in collaboration with the

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