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May 2019

The team consisted of dr Jan Zomerdijk, general practitioner, and his wife Janny Goris, public health dietitian. This year two other volunteers joined them; Sue Auchter, a paediatric nurse practitioner and her husband Graham Auchter, a handyman. They brought in from Australia a range of hospital supplies and solar LED lights. Additionally a deep cycle battery and generator were brought. Graham did a fantastic job installing all panels and LED lights and doing repairs to the buildings and plumbing. Furthermore 25 soccer balls were donated to various schools in the district.

Jan attended again to patients at the hospital, with over a third suffering from TB. Sue assisted and also did a wonderful job teaching staff how to properly clean work surfaces, cleaning and sterilising of surgical instruments and advised on use of dressings. Sue and Janny did sessions with all school students on nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene. Janny continued ongoing research on malnutrition, in collaboration with University of PNG, UNICEF and Iodine Global Network. 


John Ward


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